About Nathan Zaremskiy

I'm an aspiring landscape photographer and a Mt. Hood National Park activist.

I was born and raised in the state of Oregon. I began taking interest in photography around the age of 10, When i received a basic point and shoot for Christmas. Little did i know what was to come from that day.

I was taking snapshots here and there for the fun of it until i lost interest entering my teenage years. Shortly after i started picking up video and making short films when ever i could. But of course my "actors" loved to screw around and made it more frustrating than fun so i lost interest in short films and began making fishing videos. Which didn't last very long either. I turned over to photography since all i needed was a Tripod, Camera, And me. But where would i go? What would i shoot? It was about a year since i took up photography again until i went on my first hike to a slot canyon on a hot late spring day. From then on, My life took a new course, And i knew what i wanted ti photograph.

Since then I've been researching the best possible locations in the Columbia River Gorge and on Mt. Hood. I have no intention of stopping my exploration of this great National Forest and future National Park.

Who knows what the future holds. And i am excited to find out!